Why Turkish Towel (Peshtemal) is preferred?
Why Turkish Towel (Peshtemal) is preferred?



Why Turkish Towel (Peshtemal) is preferred?



Made of premium cotton which has extra-long threads resulting in strong and smooth yarns. Turkish towel is awarded for its sustainable absorbency and suppleness. Its fast-drying feature enables it to be re-used in short time. Thanks to its genuine threads, Turkish Towel gets softer as it’s washed and provides more comfortable usage.



Peshtemal is lightweight, easy to clean, fast drying and well-designed which makes them very versatile. They are perfect for traveling. You can use them to lay on the beach, and also be used as a picnic blanket, scarf, table cloth, blanket, throw and baby wrap.



Thanks to locally sourced cotton and linen fibers and its natural threads, Turkish towels are entirely respectful to Mother Earth. Tightly woven premium cotton and natural linen enable our products to be strong and last long. In addition, fully automatic machines are commonly used in the production of certain patterned Turkish Towel while our Turkish Towels and Robes are the outcome of manual machines in accordance with traditions.



Thanks to their unique design, their style and modish look never last. They are essential products to complement nice decoration all over your home. These towels are such nice that always deserve be shown off rather than being kept in cupboards or closets. You can present these authentic, nice dash colored and groovy designed towels by placing them on baskets and shelves in your bathroom. They can be kept with an arm`s reach to use as a throw blanket while relaxing on the sofa. You can also toss them over your favorite coach or chair in your living room.



What advantages of a Turkish towel do you appreciate the most?

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